Healing-Centered Coaching for youth leaders in social change movemnents in California



An offering for young people to recognize and acknowledge the areas for growth and healing to build self-awareness. A sacred container for youth to slow down, focus and identify what is most important for you in the present moment.


We support clients to tap into their resourcefulness and strategize. This step assists clients to sort through options with the support of a coach partner as they determine the way forward.



We encourage clients to actualize their dreams.  This step challenges clients to take action and track progress as they move towards goals. This step is further supported by the coach as an accountability partner.


What is healing-centered Coaching?

Healing Centered Coaching is a new innovative model that supports pausing, grounding, aligning, and actualizing in a healing environment to encourage sustainable change.


ACS International Coaching Federation Certification, Blooming Willow Coaching Program

We support clients to ground, collectively intervening them from ongoing patterns.  This step creates a place for clients to listen to their inner wisdom, get curious, and seek clarity.


We encourage clients to stop. In a fast-paced society stopping is often one of the hardest things to do. This step supports clients to slow down as they prepare for coaching.